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We’d like to advise you of a recent change in management at iConnect Montana, LLC , and to inform you of exciting new developments at some of our major facilities across the state.

First, Andy York is no longer employed by iConnect Montana. Mike Sheard, former Manager of iConnect, and current manager of one of iConnect’s owners – Northern Telephone – has stepped back in to assist with the management of iConnect. Our operations as well as our customers will continue to benefit from the very capable services of Shawn Helmbrecht, iConnect’s Facilities Supervisor. Along with this management change, we are renewing our commitment to not only meet, but to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Second, we are just wrapping up numerous significant upgrades at our facilities in Missoula, Helena and the Granite Tower in Billings. These upgrades have added much needed power capacity to these facilities. In addition, we are finalizing a long, arduous process for achieving new professional certifications at our newest facility, the 1030 Central Data Center in Billings. We are also pleased to announce that we are extending the same collocation services currently available at our Granite Tower facility to 1030 Central. This will enable us to accommodate virtually any customer at 1030 Central, regardless of whether they need space for hundreds of server cabinets, or space for a single server. More information about these new developments will be provided soon.

In short, we now have ample space, power and cooling capacity to accommodate new customers across the state, as well as to enable our existing customers to grow. We are excited to be able to participate in our customers’ ever changing and expanding business plans and we offer our assistance to help them achieve their goals. Collocating in an iConnect Montana facility can provide a cost effective means of achieving the security and reliability necessary to thrive in today’s information technology-intensive environment.

Questions concerning our facilities and services can be directed to Mike Sheard at (406) 594-9661 or to Shawn Helmbrecht at (406) 696-4855.


The Board of Directors, Management and Staff

iConnect Montana, LLC

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