Healthy workers make good business sense – Companies are jumping on the fitness wagon by sponsoring employee health programs

On any other weekday morning, 32-year-old Colleen Cronin would be sitting at her desk at Healthwise where she works as a medical writer.

But last Tuesday around 10 a.m., Cronin and a group of other Healthwise workers were at the YMCA lifting weights, marching up aerobic steps, doing crunches and getting their body fat percentages measured.

They were there to get fitness tests as part of the run-up to Healthwise’s annual Wellness Day on Oct. 14 where employees will spend the day learning more about diet, exercise and many other ways to live a healthier life. Healthwise scheduled the fitness tests for employees who wanted them, and the YMCA charged only $20 a test — about $15 less than the usual price.

Healthwise is one of several Treasure Valley companies creating workplace health and fitness programs to improve employees’ health, increase productivity and cut down on health care costs in the future, health experts and business owners say.

Melissa McGrath
The Idaho Statesman

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