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Featured "Come Home Montana" Community~CHOTEAU

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Community Assets Include:

* The county seat of Teton County, Choteau has a small, but diverse business community, serving farmers, ranchers, tourists and 1,781 residents of the town.

* Located on U.S. Highway 89, on the east slope of the Rocky Mountain Front, Choteau is the starting point for many outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities in the Lewis and Clark National Forest and Bob Marshall Wilderness.

* The community also has a hospital, two nursing homes, a retirement lodge, medical and dental providers, numerous churches, a swimming pool, golf course, movie theater, tennis courts, bowling alley and baseball complex. The community also has several taverns and restaurants and Old Trail Museum, specializing in preservation of dinosaur fossils. Choteau also has a small airport and is on the information super highway at high speeds, major trucking routes and Burlington Northern Railroad. Downtown shopping includes gift stores, clothing boutiques, art galleries, hardware stores and grocery and convenience/gas stations.


* Local government has targeted the infrastructure as its #1 priority. Work is taking place regularly with substantial portions of the water and sewer project completed and more scheduled in the near future. The first community roundtable was a success and an astounding number of folks volunteered to be part of the tree and sidewalk board, garbage task force, park and recreation board and board of adjustments. We are making progress. Choteau has maintained a population of around 1,700 for the past eighty years. Its not likely that we will give up now. After all, there is a whole, new future ahead of us.

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