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Montana Wants You Back! ReVisit your Home Town today.

Community Assets Include:

* The county of Sweet Grass (two words) is located in south central Montana. Bigger than the State of Rhode Island, the county is 1,846 square miles & 449 of which are public lands. The eastern and northernparts of the county are devoted to agriculture, mostly the raising of cattle and sheep.

* Sweet Grass County is known for magnificent scenery and western culture. Both have been captured by the entertainment industry in movies, documentaries, commercials, videos, and still shots filmed in the area. Movies such as A River Runs Through Itand The Horse Whisperer depicted some of the beauty of our area on to the big screen. The Discovery Channel brought Frontier House, Real Life, Under the Big Skyto television dramatizing Boulder Valley reality. The rifles seen in Tom Selleck’s movie Quigley, Down Underand Cross Fire Trailwere manufactured by a Big Timber gunsmith. Numerous companies including Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Pontiac, Remington Rifle, Sprint, and Wrangler have chosen Sweet Grass County as a location to shoot commercials.

* Triangle Telephone Cooperative Assn Inc. provides telecommunication products including high speed ADSL Internet, DSL, wireless digital phones and long distance.

Community Vision:

* Our vision is to continue enjoying small town pleasures while working diligently to provide secure jobs with fair wages and benefits enabling community stability for our hardworking people. Our challenge is to systematically encourage community economic development without sacrificing our down home western philosophy.

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