"Energizing Entrepreneurs: Charting a Course for Rural Communities" puts a guide map in the hands of rural community development professionals and volunteer community leaders who are helping to transform their communities into hotbeds of entrepreneurship.

The insights shared in the book are drawn
from the experience of rural communities that are in the process of reassessing their
economic development approaches and planning strategically for their future.

Packed with insightful tips and advice from experts with years of experience in the field,
Energizing Entrepreneurs is a “must have” for anyone working to create supportive
environments for entrepreneurs, new sources of wealth and sustaining economic

The chapter titles say it all:

· Charting Your Own Course

· Economic Development Today

· Working in Rural America

· Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship

· Making the Case – Why Entrepreneurship?

· Readiness for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

· Assessment

· Strategies for Energizing Entrepreneurs

· Building Capacity for Entrepreneurship Development

· Keeping Score

· Influencing Policy to Support Entrepreneurship

· Sustaining Your Community, Your Efforts and Yourself

Energizing Entrepreneurs was written for directors of local community development
agencies, entrepreneurship practitioners, extension educators, village managers, or any
community leader who embraces change and reaches across regions to connect with the
people and agencies to strengthen hometown entrepreneurial assets.

Here are samples of what experts on entrepreneurship are saying about Energizing
Entrepreneurship :

“E2 is a folksy and hands-on way for rural leaders to develop a clear strategic plan for
community-based entrepreneurship. The curriculum highlights many simple and
inexpensive approaches that have worked in other rural settings to build support for
entrepreneurs.” –Leslie Scott, Director, Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship, North
Carolina Economic Development Center

“Energizing Entrepreneurs is a key to promoting a positive future for rural citizens. I
have sent my staff to the E2 training and I believe that it helped ignite additional
enthusiasm for the potential of rural people and places.” –John Allen, Director, Western
Rural Development Center

Written by Deb Markley and Don Macke of the RUPRI Center for Rural
Entrepreneurship, and Vicki Luther of the Heartland Center for Leadership Development,
the book may be purchased through The Heartland Center at or
800-927-1115. The book has 187 pages, is softbound and costs $23, shipping included.

For information on energizing entrepreneurs in your community, contact the RUPRI
Center at 402-323-7336 or visit the new companion website to the book,

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