E-mail scam phishes for Wells Fargo clients

Type Web address, state’s largest bank advises customers

It looks almost exactly like an e-mail that Wells Fargo would send you. Except it comes from a scam artist, not Colorado’s largest bank.

The e-mail, making its rounds locally, shows "Wells Fargo" as the sender and has the subject "Update Your Wells Fargo Accounts!"

The Wells Fargo logo and stagecoach in the body of the e-mail are exactly like the ones on the bank’s Web site. And it tells you "your Wells Fargo Online Profile has been locked" and asks you to "verify your identity" by clicking on a link that supposedly leads to Click through, and it looks exactly like the login page for Wells Fargo online banking.

Except the Web address in the browser now tells the true tale: The site is not, but a user page on personal account information you submit, including your Social Security number, is sent off to persons unknown.

By David Milstead, Rocky Mountain News

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