Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) seeking N95-equivalent masks/prototypes

3D Printable Mask

The Defense Logistics Agency has just published an urgent call for PPE reuse and decontamination, and prototype N95-equivalent masks. Please see:


They are accepting responses (4-page descriptive paper, plus a one-page ROM cost estimate, beginning tomorrow.


Note that the Other Transaction Authority (OTA) is a very flexible type of funding agreement that Congress authorized for use in prototypes, especially with non-traditional government contractors (i.e. companies that normally aren’t government contractors). I have included some of the key information from the solicitation below.  It’s important to note that they are not requiring FDA or NIOSH approval at this time (I saw an urgent call from New York for PPE, but they required prior FDA certification for all supplies).


  1. Prototype PPE: N95 Masks


DLA seeks near- and medium-term solutions that can provide prototype PPE that is equivalent to N95 masks.

DLA is solution agnostic, but is primarily interested in N95-equivalent prototypes can be rapidly produced. Potential approaches include but are not limited to:

  • Alternate materials
  • Alternate form-factors
  • Alternate production processes

Note: DLA is not currently seeking long-term solutions under this vehicle to bolster domestic manufacturing capacity of traditional N95 masks.


Scaling Potential:

  • The prototype award shall focus on producing a limited number of prototype masks for functional testing, user evaluation, and proof of concept. Should the awardee advance to a follow-on production contract, DLA (or another government entity) may seek to obtain significantly larger quantities.
  • DLA provides facemasks and PPE to the military, U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (“VA”), and a variety of other organizations. DLA may choose to incorporate prototype masks into its supply catalog after successfully completing a prototype award.
  • DLA may choose to license Intellectual Property (“IP”) associated with a successful prototype in order to rapidly scale production and meet demands.


DLA recognizes that solutions may not have prior FDA or NIOSH approval. Therefore, FDA/NIOSH approval is NOT a prerequisite to submit a white paper.

White papers shall conform to the following. Should offerors submit anything longer, the government will only evaluate the first five pages of a white paper. DLA shall not consider information that offerors communicate by means other than the white paper. Moreover, DLA shall not consider information contained in addenda, hyperlinks or appendices beyond the initial five pages.

  • Four pages of technical discussion—explicitly describing the proposed solution and how it addresses the target problem statement, and how the proposed solution meets the three evaluation criteria
  • A one page rough order of magnitude (“ROM”) price estimate


Period of Performance: Successful offerors shall receive payment upon completion of the following project phases/payment milestones. An evaluation and go/no-go decision follows each milestone.

  1. Initial prototype development and delivery
  2. Prototype assessment and testing
  3. Limited prototype production and delivery
  4. Final evaluation, testing and certifications


Estimated Funding: $1,000,000

Please direct all questions and comments before the white paper submission deadline to [email protected].

Electronic copies of white papers will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning April 6th, 2020 at 9:00 AM ET.


Please let me know if I can help.


Best regards,




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Authorized U.S. Department of Defense Partnership Intermediary per Authority 15 U.S.C. 3715



‘Montana Masks’ designed by Colton Zaugg, Billings Dentist Dusty Zaugg and Billings Clinic Neurosurgeon Dusty Richardson and fine tuned by Bozeman, Montana based Spark R&D pop up all over the world, move from 3D printers to injection molds – Montana Innovation!


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