Colorado Preserves 80,000 Acres with Lottery Proceeds

Governor Bill Owens and the Great Outdoors Colorado Board (GOCO) announced the investment of $60,000,000 in state lottery proceeds to help preserve 80,000 acres of land in Northern Colorado’s Laramie Foothills, Jefferson County’s Front Range Mountain Backdrop, and southwest Colorado’s San Juan Skyway and support development of two new state parks, trails and regional outdoor areas.

GOCO was created by Colorado voters in 1992 and charged with using lottery proceeds to protect open space, parks and wildlife. GOCO has previously funded the preservation of smaller scale properties defined by local needs; this most recent grant cycle supports local governments, land trusts and state agencies in tackling large-scale preservation needs. Eighteen major projects were selected.

Land parcels to be preserved include the 55,000 acre Laramie Foothills/ Mountain to Plains Project in the Front Range, considered by many to be an area crown jewel. The state will provide $11.5 million to Plains Project, the Nature Conservancy, and the Legacy Land Trust adding to a conservation zone that will soon include more than 140,000 acres.
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