City Council hears University of Montana parking plan, and some opposition

Several people spoke against the proposal on Monday night including Adam Cook, who said the proposal only offers more incentive to commute to campus by car. Converting the space to parking equates to “selling the land for scrap,” he said, adding that other uses would offer greater benefits to students.

Cook also suggested that the university’s plan is a result of the city’s own zoning flaws, which he said push students further away from campus living.


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Oakland automated garage seeks to cut parking’s environmental impact

A garage billed as Northern California’s first fully automated parking structure has opened in Oakland. People drive up, drop off the car and walk away. A machine lifts the car to one of the 39 spaces in the seven-level structure.

Robotic Parking Systems has been named as one of the CRE Tech Influencers for the year.

In 1994, the company coined the term ‘robotic parking’ to describe its patented automated lift and run parking technology.

The Parkhaus: An automatic parking system could keep cars off the streets and recharge EVs at the same time.

The smart structures could do all the work so drivers don’t have to.

Automated parking facility pulls double duty as inner-city rooftop oasis

The vehicle storage part of the parking structure is inside. On entering, cars and their drivers are separated at the basement level. The automated parking works like other examples we’ve seen, such as the Dokk1, and consists of robotic platforms on wheels created by HikVision that actually move the cars around.

Is a Parking-Free Future Possible?

Henry Grabar, author of Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World, talks about the blunders of urban planners and how better cities depend a whole lot on a smarter approach to parking.

Video – Fully Automated Parking Systems, Featured on The Travel Channel

AUTOParkit™ was a featured segment on the Travel Channel series, “Extreme Parking.” As seen on the show, take a look here as Christopher Alan takes you through the history and high-points of the AUTOParkit™ automated…



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