City Club Missoula – Business leaders: Missoula economy peppered with advantages, challenges

City Club Missoula

As Missoula’s ever-expanding class of upstarts look to grow and compete on the national stage, they continue to face new challenges along the way, a panel of business leaders told members of City Club Missoula on Monday.

Growth in Missoula’s tech and medical industries have helped push the median wage higher over the past few years, making it easier for some workers to make ends meet and stay in Montana.

At the same time, the cost of housing continues to climb, and that’s challenging Missoula’s most promising and best-paying companies as they vie to keep employees.

“I recently lost someone who moved to Austin, and the one reason was because of housing,” said Michelle Huie, founder and president of Vim & Vigr. “A lot of people we pay above the average salary, and even with that it’s difficult. I hear it all the time from people within my company.”


By Martin Kidston

Business leaders: Missoula economy peppered with advantages, challenges



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City Club: Missoula entrepreneurs discuss economic challenges, opportunities

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