Chicago’s fine and all … but it’s no Montana – Missoula website brings Montana v. Chicago up a notch

Oh, Chicago.

Where to start with your enfeebled, quixotic campaign to somehow transcend Montana when it comes to natural splendor?

It’s too easy to note that many of the pictures on your TribNation website ( were taken in yards, arboretums, city parks and flower boxes.

It’s also probably unfair to make a comparison between your really tall "wonder" – the former Sears Tower, now the Willis Tower – at 1,450 feet and, say, Granite Peak, at 12,799 feet. We do happily take note that the tower is higher than Illinois’ highest "natural" point, the forlornly named Charles Mound, at 1,235 feet.

It’s almost not worth noting the shots of your charismatic megafauna, to wit, elk and bison, incarcerated behind fences.

Granted, you all got a really cute picture of foxes, but isn’t that a paved road in the background?

Too easy? Yes.

So, consider all those things un-noted.

By MICHAEL MOORE of the Missoulian

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Missoula website brings Montana v. Chicago up a notch

The battle between Montanans and Chicago residents continues to heat up. Now, a new website wants in on the game.

It all started earlier this month when a Chicago Tribune columnist called out Montana for an ad campaign. That prompted a full-on competition for the best pictures.

Windy City residents are posting theirs on the Tribune’s site. An organization called SpeakUp Missoula started its own site where you can upload your pictures.

Maritsa Georgiou

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