CenturyLink to Montana PSC: Reject complaint from Wibaux County Commissioners


“Moreover, the regulation of broadband services does not fall within PSC jurisdiction.”

CenturyLink argued the Wibaux County Commissioners don’t have the standing to make a complaint because the alleged conduct does not “directly affect” the Commission nor is it a customer.

“Moreover, nothing in the rules permits investigation of complaints directed at ‘officers, agents or employees’ of (CenturyLink),” said the response.


Jamestown Leads the Charge for Municipal Fiber in Western New York

Since the city would own the infrastructure, it would be able to establish basic network policies to address community-specific needs, such as prohibiting bandwidth caps or providing a service option affordable for low-income residents.

Let’s promote all broadband technologies to speed help to all Americans

Fixed wireless offers competitive option for rural, underserved consumers



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