Census releases detailed 2020 counts — with an asterisk

Montana population growth over the past decade has been driven by urban counties, census results indicate. But between pandemic disruption and a new privacy measure, the count’s details may be imprecise.

U.S. Census Confirms Great Falls Population Growth

The United States Census today released 2020 census date that indicates population growth in the Great Falls MSA (Cascade County) of 3,087 people from 2010 to 2020.



New census data shows reshaping of Montana population


Shrinking Rural America Faces State Power Struggle

As the new round of Congressional redistricting is around the corner, rural areas with diminishing populations might see that reflected in less power in statehouses and Congress.

Bozeman tops 50,000 people; Gallatin County leads Montana in population growth

The data put Bozeman’s population at 53,293, an increase of more than 16,000 people since the 2010 Census, when the city’s population was 37,280.


Radically Rural: Rural Downtowns Are Ripe for Diversifying. Have you explored Montana’s Community Map?

Increasing numbers of local leaders believe that the future of small towns is wrapped in creating a diverse “interdependent agglomeration of private business entities, public-private business projects, social services, cultural attractors and public space.”


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