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The image is a 9 people on a stage in a theater joining hands for a curtain call.

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March Recap

Wow, those stories were a rollercoaster of emotions, weren’t they? Each one took us on a thrilling ride with a surprising twist. If you were there, thank you for joining us for the thrilling mix of adventure, resilience, and the vulnerable, tender stories that we shared in March. We look forward to sharing the podcast with you soon. For now, you can check out some of the photos from the evening.

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Call for Storytellers

The image is a poster with birds and text. The text on the poster reads: "CALL FOR STORYTELLERS ON THE THEME GOING HOME. TELL SOMETHING. CALL TO PITCH YOUR STORY: 406-203-4683. Deaf friends can pitch by emailing" The poster features graphic design elements and was created by artist Kate Radloff.

artwork by Kate Radloff


Tell Us Something is again partnering with Missoula Pride for a live storytelling event this year on June 11 and we are accepting story pitches.

WHAT:  Call for stories for the live storytelling event: Tell Us Something – “Going Home”

WHEN: June 11, 2024 7PM

WHERE: Glacier Ice Rink and Pavilion


REQUIRED Group Workshop: May 25, 2024

PITCH LINE: 406-203-4683


Tell Us Something is calling for *YOU* to pitch your true story on the theme “Going Home”.

8 storytellers will be selected to share their true personal story from memory on the theme “Going Home”. Each storyteller is paid a stipend for sharing their story.

The live event is on June 11, 2024. The pitch deadline is May 4, 2024. The required group workshop takes place on May 25, 2024.


Members from our Deaf community are welcome to pitch a story here.

The Tell Us Something and Missoula Pride Selection Committee will listen to all pitches and select 8 storytellers for the event.

Missoula Gives

The image is a promotional poster for a fundraising event called Missoula Gives. The poster includes a message about supporting storytelling to inspire, educate, and connect, along with a call to action to donate to amplify community voices and create positive change. The image also features the event date (May 2-3) and a message encouraging people to share their stories. The photo credit is given to Donal Lakatua.

The biggest day of local giving is almost here! Missoula Gives happening May 3rd-4th, is a 26-hour online celebration connecting you with the causes you care about most.


This year, aim to break fundraising records and shower our incredible community nonprofits (especially Tell Us Something!) with support. Get ready to donate to Tell Us Something and celebrate all the good we do here in Missoula!

Visit Missoula Gives to learn more and mark your calendars for May 2nd-3rd! Let’s make it a banner year for giving back!

RIP Geoff Pepos 1962 – 2024

The image is of a man standing in front of a microphone, with three white lights above him against a dark background. He is wearing jeans and is standing while performing. The photo was taken by Amanda Peterson.

📷Amanda Peterson

Geoff Pepos shared a story at Tell Us Something way back in 2014. He passed away on Wednesday March 6, 2024 at Bitterroot Health Center of natural causes. Geoff impacted many lives in so many ways — too numerous to list here. He shared with me an early version of an immersive storytelling app that brought users into the experience of Glacial Lake Missoula among other scenes, and he trusted me with some early beta testing. As far as I know, he never finished the app. It’s pretty cool if you want to watch the trailer. He will be missed.

A Celebration of Life for Geoff will be at the Rustic Hut in Florence, MT on Thursday April 11, 2024 at 6:30pm.

You can listen to his story here.

Alumni Spotlight

Tell Us Something storytelling alumni do really cool things outside of sharing their stories at Tell Us Something. So many things that we’re starting to lose track of them. And we want to share those cool things with you! So, in this month’s newsletter, we’re introducing a feature that highlights some of the cool things Tell Us Something storytellers are doing.

The image features a person wearing a blanket with his back to the viewer. The image is outdoors with a backdrop of a sky, mountains, and fog. The person is illuminated by the sun in a sunset setting, creating a flare effect in the landscape.

Back in February at the BSDFF, Tell Us Something storyteller alumni and former Board Chair Joseph Grady starred in the Montana premiere of “Return to the Blanket”, directed by Amanda Bearmedicine. The 13-minute film highlights Joseph’s efforts to recapture his culture after being adopted from the Blackfeet reservation as a child during the Sixties Scoop. You can stream the film over at Audpop. Joseph has been in a variety of fiction films and is a wonderful visual artist. (He made the label for the INBC/Tell Us Something benefit beer “Do Tell!”.) Joseph is also Director at Montana 10 at the University of Montana.

The image is a painting that depicts a darker hand holding food in its fingers. A lighter hand is to the right of the first hand and is holding a fork. The hands appear to be characters seated in chairs at a dinner table. In the background there appears to be a painting on a dark background of red, orange and white clouds.

Artwork by April Werle

April  Werle isn’t a Tell Us Something storyteller alumni (yet!), and she is still very much part of the Tell Us Something family. She painted what would become the poster for the first in-person event after the pandemic. She has become a friend, and shares her narratives with her paintings. She has a new art show in Denver called Secret Life of a Multicultural Couple, and she writes about it here.

The image shows a person standing on a stage in front of a microphone, sharing a story. It is an indoor setting with stage equipment visible. There are two promotional posters displayed behind them. They are wearing a white dress. The image was taken by Amanda Peterson.

📷Amanda Peterson

While we were preparing for the “Close to the Edge” event last month Lily Gladstone was receiving the honor of being given a stand-up headdress (a specific type of regalia worn only by certain Blackfeet tribal members and descendants.) in Browning, MT. (Lily was the first Indigenous actor to win a golden globe and was the first Native American woman to be nominated for an Oscar, and on “Lily Gladstone Day”.  To have a stand-up headdress transferred is a high honor.

Congratulations, Lily, we look forward to your continued success, and the success of the Indigenous kiddos who are so fantastically inspired by you!

Read more about the celebration here.

Listen to Lily’s Tell Us Something stories here, and listen in chronological order, as they are related.

Are you a Tell Us Something storytelling alumni? Got something cool coming up you want us to feature in the newsletter? Drop us an email to let us know.

Get tickets

 flyer dvertising an event. Tell Us Something and Missoula Pride present live storytelling on the theme “Going Home.” In the center of the flyer is a colorful bouquet of flowers with birds flying around it. Below the image is information about the event, including the date (June 11, 2024) and time (7:00 PM) as well as the location (Glacier Ice Rink Pavilion). There’s also a website ( for more information and tickets. Artwork by Kate Radloff.

artwork by Kate Radloff

You’ll want to get your tickets for the next Tell Us Something event, in partnership with Missoula Pride soon. The theme is “Going Home”.


Get a Poster

A unique design with an inspiring message, the “Going Home” poster for the June Missoula Pride/Tell Us Something collaboration was designed by Kate Radloff. Using queer-coded flowers in the design and the Montana state bird, the Western Meadowlark, this inviting poster will look good framed or unframed on your wall.

11″x17″, printed on high quality cardstock.

Reserve my Poster


Spark community connection! Sponsor the next Tell Us Something event! Engaging storytellers share unique stories to a captive audience. Promote your brand to the Missoula community and beyond. Invest in your community, invest in Tell Us Something! Send us an email to learn more.

Nominate a Group to benefit from the Tell Us Something Stewardship Program

Tell Us Something gives away over 100 tickets at each Tell Us Something event. Some of those tickets go to individuals and organizations that may otherwise not be able to attend a cultural event such as Tell Us Something. Know a deserving group? Nominate them for the Tell Us Something Stewardship Program! Send us an email to nominate a deserving organization or group.

Thanks for reading. Have a story worthy day,


Portrait of Executive Director Marc Moss. He has a white button down shirt, a black vest and black fedora. He is seated and looking in profile away from the viewer.

📷kmr studios

Marc Moss

Executive Director

Tell Us Something

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