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Bozeman, Montana looks for younger perspective, creates advisory council

young leaders

Bozeman has created a new group to engage young people in city policy.

The Young Professionals Advisory Council includes 25 young adults who represent a wide variety of industries, from First Interstate Bank to Dry Hills Distillery. Deputy Mayor Chris Mehl suggested forming the group because he saw a need for younger viewpoints in city government.

The average age of Bozeman residents is 27, and about 17,000 students attend Montana State University. Council members are going to examine issues that will affect the next generation like the rising cost of living. They are meant to advocate for their peers who don’t have time to engage in city politics.


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  1. Russ Fletcher on June 14, 2019 at 10:27 am

    This is a great first step. The young will unwillingly inherit our mistakes unless we include them in our decisions. There will be mistakes but at least they will have had an opportunity to guide us to a better path. This is why I encourage every single board, advisory board to include high school and/or college students as fully participating members. How can they learn to lead if they don’t participate from an early age?

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