Bozeman Fiber is a community-owned nonprofit network offering gigabit fiber and a choice of providers and services.

Bozeman Fiber

Our current network is capable of providing gigabit service at any point on the fiber in our system. The system is expandable at any time, and within a couple of weeks we could grow from our current 30 gigabit system to a 100 gigabit system! If the demand was there, we have a nearly infinite ability to expand.

Bozeman Fiber Incorporated began development in 2015 after a City-led broadband planning study recommended that the city needed a modern gigabit fiber network to support local businesses, attract new businesses, and help ensure economic growth.

Bozeman Fiber is led by a board of community leaders dedicated to the idea that businesses and residents should have access to world class broadband and Internet, and should be able to choose from a variety of service providers offering a wide variety of services at competitive prices.

In addition to our bank partners, Bozeman Fiber would not have been possible without the generous support of many community focused organizations including the City of Bozeman, Bozeman Public Schools, Gallatin County, and the Downtown Bozeman Partnership.


Even more so than your mobile phone or tablet, the electronics which drive the worlds, and our network, continue to double in capability every 18 or so months. A single strand of fiber has the capability to circle the globe and carry the entire worlds communications! Of course, the limitations of the system in reality are affected by splices, routers and end user’s electronic devices. This system is something that we can all be very proud of and can, without hesitation say, is world class, opening our valley to any business exist today. We, Bozeman, are no longer an island, but are on the leading edge of the superhighway of communications technology.


Bozeman Fiber is entering its next stage of its expansion and is pleased to announce the free upgrade of its Broadband connection for small and medium sized businesses to 1 gigabit/second. That’s a 4-10x increase in download speeds at no additional cost. Learn more under the NEWS tab.

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