Boost Public Car Share to Reduce Private Vehicle Ownership – Expanding Car-Share Beyond America’s Biggest Cities

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There is one unsung tactic that reduces the number of cars on the road and their consequences without big public investment, redevelopment, or a toll on central-business-district-bound drivers: expanding car access through car share.

Research shows that consistent access to shared cars drastically reduces car ownership rates, but U.S. regulations often impede success for private fleets.



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Fleets of microcars could become another public transport option

Completely free to use, they are self-charging, so door-to-door use is a reality. There is no need to park it anywhere in particular, or find a renewable energy charging station.

How Does Removing Parking and Road Space Affect People With Disabilities?

Eliminating parking minimums and scaling down our streets will help bring destinations closer together. It will make more room for housing and services, and give many the option to walk or bike to their destinations, rather than using a car. And creating these alternatives to driving saves the parking and road space for those who need it most.



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