Boise’s first fully-electric garbage truck – Missoula County, Montana Moves Into Hybrid, Electric Vehicles with Enterprise Fleet Management Agreement

Boise electric garbage truck

The City of Boise and Republic Services unveiled Boise’s first fully-electric recycling truck.

The 21-ton vehicle carries a 10-hour charge, a battery life long enough to complete a route. City officials say this electric vehicle is much quieter than the traditional garbage trucks and produces lower emissions on a per-mile basis.

“This is a great example of how innovation and partnerships can help us achieve our broader climate goals. Clean air, less reliance on fossil fuels, and a firm commitment to transitioning to clean electricity benefits all residents and businesses in Boise,” said Mayor Lauren McLean.

City staffers said more electric recycling trucks will be added to Republic Service’s fleet in the future.



Motor pool agreement to help Missoula County, Montana move into hybrid, electric vehicles

The $75,000 one-year agreement sets a benchmark for how the county hopes to manage its motor pool in the future and stay on top of new technology.


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