Boise company, Medical Management Inc., finds success – and makes employees happy – by doing business digitally

When Jim Trounson founded Medical Management Inc. in 1977, the main office was near Downtown Boise. But the company went digital 10 years ago. Now corporate headquarters are wherever Trounson happens to be, whether he’s riding his bike on the Greenbelt or touring France with his wife.

His company has used technology to upend its business model, cutting costs and overhead while allowing employees to integrate work and leisure into a seamless continuum.

The Boise company manages 17 hospitals and clinics in the Northwest, including Alaska.

In 1999, MedMan closed its office and began operating in the virtual world, saving $15,000 a month, shredding eight Dumpsters’ worth of paperwork. Trounson and his team run the company from anywhere in the world using laptop computers and smartphones.

"Balance is bunk," he says.

Last summer, he proved the point when he and his wife took a two-week bike tour of Normandy.

"I did everything on my PDA," he said. "None of our clients even knew I was out of the country. Stress doesn’t come from work, it comes from being out of control."

BY BRAD TALBUTT – [email protected]

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