Blueprint for Oregon’s Future

From 2005-2007, 1000 Friends of Oregon, the Bus Project, and more than 50 other organizations hosted a series of town hall forums in 16 locations across the state. Called ”Envision Oregon,” these forums challenged more than 2,200 participants from over 140 towns and places in Oregon to describe their vision for Oregon’s future, and to help create strategies for making that vision a reality. They also formed the foundation for Blueprint for Oregon’s Future.

Shared goals include:

* Economic security for our families

* Improved health for our families

* Protection of the places that make Oregon a place we’re proud to call home

Results from these forums have been distilled into the Blueprint for Oregon’s future. The Blueprint starts by looking at the big picture: What are the shared goals and visions for Oregon’s future? It then looks at challenges facing Oregonians in the decades to come. The Blueprint reviews general strategies for meeting goals, and outlines actions that citizens and elected officials can take immediately to make the vision come about.

Read more or download the Blueprint at the resource link

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