BLM gives initial OK to American Prairie Reserve’s bison grazing permit – Seeks Comments


“We look forward to working with our public land managers and neighbors to ensure we do our part to protect the long-term health of the land, the health of our bison herd, and of the Phillips County livestock industry,” said Beth Saboe, senior public relations manager for APR, in an email.

The nonprofit APR manages more than 800 head of bison with a long-term goal of establishing a conservation herd of 10,000 animals. In addition to bison, the reserve also provides grazing leases to ranchers for 13,000 head of cattle.

“The BLM has implemented similar actions in other areas, including existing permits for bison grazing currently held by APR,” the BLM noted in its Finding of No Significant Impact. “As a result, no precedent would be set with approval of the proposed action.”



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BLM seeks comments on American Prairie Reserve bison proposal


Governor Gianforte asks BLM to modify comment period, hold in-person meetings on American Prairie Reserve decision

Gianforte is the first Republican governor in Montana in 16 years. His party has proposed a variety of state legislation over the years in an attempt to block the American Prairie Reserve’s goals.


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