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Leadership Montana has begun another program year. To keep you informed of the activities of the class and the program, we will send you a quarterly e-mail update. Visit for more information.

Application for the Class of ’07 will begin in February.

The 46-member Leadership Montana Class of 2006 began their journey across Montana on September 7 at Big Sky. It comes as no surprise that this group of Montanans is excited, passionate and committed. The experience of Leadership Montana will serve them well with their families, businesses, communities and our state. They are learning from each other, sharing experiences and forming friendships that will last a lifetime. That’s what Leadership Montana is all about.

Here’s a snapshot of the Orientation and Retreat…

Session One…

The Retreat at Big Sky, Montana

The Class of 2006 began their journey with a celebration and orientation in a magnificent setting – the Big Sky Resort.

Dr. Henrietta Mann provided an inspirational message and Native American Prayer to begin the program. Shelley McKamey, Class of 2005 and president of the Alumni Organization shared some thoughtful comments entitled, “If I had known…”

Leadership Montana Governing Board Chairman Tom Scott then provided some perspective on the heritage of Leadership Montana, sharing his views on leadership. During the opening luncheon, Taylor Middleton, general manager of the Big Sky Resort, offered an “official welcome” and shared some challenging comments on economic development.

“Key Themes in Montana’s History”

Dr. Tim LeCain, Asst. Professor of History at Montana State University, presented an insightful program on the Key Themes in Montana’s History. This important program sets the stage for a discussion of where Montana is heading, by helping us understand where we’ve been. Dr. LeCain’s presentation was entertaining and led to and interactive group discussion.

“Holding in Trust”

The Leadership Montana Retreat focused on “The Inner Work of the Leader.” Our partners, Joanna Murray of ThoughtBridge and Sallie Suby-Long of Trustee Leadership Development, Inc., led the class through two days of historical and personal exploration of trusteeship. Included was a discussion of a decision-making style profile, “BrainMap, New thinking skills for rapid-change times.”

Alumni Greet the Class of 2006…

Following an Alumni Organization meeting in Bozeman, several members of the Class of 2005 joined this year’s class for dinner at the Lone Mountain Ranch. By the looks and sound of things at the Ranch, there seemed to be some strong relationships forming between the two classes.

The Class of 2006 will reconvene on October 12 in Kalispell for a program on change and growth, and Montana’s traditional and emerging economies.

Sponsors and Hosts:

Leadership Montana Alumni Association

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Montana State University

Big Sky Resort and Conference Center

Leadership Montana would also like to express appreciation to:

Dr. Tim LeCain

Department of History

Montana State University, Bozeman

Dr. Henrietta Mann

Endowed Chair, Native American Studies

Montana State University, Bozeman

BadgeWest Awards and Engraving, Billings

Hayden Marketing and Public Relations, Billings

Lone Mountain Ranch


Montana State University – Billings

Leadership Montana is located on the Downtown Campus of Montana State University-Billings through the generous support of the University.

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