A unique fundraising effort by two local groups Big Sky Commerce and Missoula Catholic Schools. Easy switch in credit card processing means more money for local schools

The down economy has not made it easy for non-profit organizations, schools
and other civic groups to raise money for their cause. This reality is
requiring organizations to get creative when it comes to fundraising. Enter:
Missoula Catholic Schools and Big Sky Commerce both of Missoula.

Big Sky Commerce has partnered with Missoula Catholic Schools (Loyola and
St. Joseph school) to creatively provide a means of fundraising for the Catholic

"We at Big Sky Commerce are thrilled to support the fundraising efforts of
such a well-established and successful school system as Missoula Catholic
Schools (MCS. This partnership provides MCS alumni, parents, staff, the
foundation board and members of the Missoula community to utilize a service
they may already be using to generate revenue for the school system," says
Big Sky Commerce owner Kevin Davis.

Here is how it works: An interested business, regardless of its location and
business type, signs up with Big Sky Commerce for merchant processing
services and asks for the ‘Missoula Catholic Schools’ program. Big Sky
Commerce offers each participating business with nationally-competitive card
processing fees, while supporting new or existing hardware to process all
major credit cards and debit cards. Big Sky Commerce then donates a portion
of the card processing fees to Missoula Catholic Schools on a monthly basis
and in perpetuity.

"This is a great opportunity for Big Sky Commerce to
support a key player in our community, while offering Missoula Catholic
Schools a convenient fundraising revenue stream." says Kevin Davis.
Businesses and organizations simply allow Big Sky Commerce to administer a
service they’re likely already using, while financially benefiting Missoula
Catholic Schools at the same time.

Why Big Sky Commerce? Big Sky Commerce was a natural selection for Missoula
Catholic Schools due to their local roots and commitment to serving the
Missoula community. "Kevin and his staff have been a pure pleasure to work
with and we look forward to this partnership," says Jeremy Beck, President of
Missoula Catholic Schools.

Get involved with the effort. If you own a business or are involved in an
organization that accepts credit cards, join the effort and help two local
businesses succeed. Contact Big Sky Commerce for a no-obligation account
review and determine for yourself if the program makes sense for your

Big Sky Commerce has additional merchant processing-related
services that may benefit your business.

About Big Sky Commerce

Started in 2003, Big Sky Commerce is a Montana corporation and a registered Independent Sales Organization for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Big Sky Commerce specializes in economical, secure, and reliable payment processing solutions for most business types. Roughly half of its merchant account clients are based in Montana, with the remaining located throughout the United States. Big Sky Commerce is active in our community and supports many non-profits including youth sports programs, the Humane Society of Western Montana, The Montana Food Bank Network, the Vital Ground Foundation, and the Missoula Catholic Schools. For more information on Big Sky Commerce visit , call 406-327-0611, or Find Us on Facebook.

About Missoula Catholic Schools

Catholic education has been around Missoula since 1873. St. Joseph Elementary and Loyola Sacred Heart High School strive to offer a Christian value centered education to those desiring it. St. Joseph and Loyola Sacred Heart affirm their commitment to providing comprehensive and challenging educational opportunities for their students, which shall enable them to realize their full human potential – spiritually, intellectually, creatively, physically and socially.

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