A Hollywood expat trains would-be Scorseses in Montana high schools – MAPS™ : Media Arts in the Public Schools

Powerhouse director Peter Rosten prepares high school students for film careers from an outpost in Montana.

When filmmaker Peter Rosten’s midlife crisis hit, he didn’t buy a Porsche or start dating a 25-year-old. Instead he moved to a small town in Montana and began teaching high school kids how to make movies.

Rosten had worked as an independent Hollywood director and producer for 32 years. Among his credits are the films "True Believer" (starring James Woods), television series "Eddie Dodd," and the Emmy-nominated docudrama "The Greatest Story Never Told," about the contributions of African Americans during the Revolutionary War.

MAPS™ : Media Arts in the Public Schools

FORTUNE Small Business Magazine
By Eilene Zimmerman, FSB contributor

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