60 Minutes – Social media’s role in America’s polarized political climate


With midterm elections in just two days, America is in a very angry moment. Republicans attack Democrats, and Democrats return fire. Social media is a showcase of our anger; an analysis by the New York Times this fall found that online use of the phrase “civil war” has exploded.

Now, leading voices in academia and tech are saying that rather than simply reflecting the polarization in society, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are helping to create it.

60 Minutes first met Tristan Harris in 2017. The co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology argued that social media platforms were addicting us to maximize profit. Now, he’s warning they’re generating billions by making us angry.

By Bill Whitaker


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Center for Humane Technology – Together we must Align Technology with Humanity’s Best Interests

Our social media environment is broken. Want a roadmap to help fix it?



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