2007-2008 CFED State Assets and Opportunities Scorecard. Montana Receives an "A". How well is your state doing?

Montana’s performance in Education, Homeownership, and Business Development drives a strong showing in the 2007-2008 Assets and Opportunity Scorecard. The state earned an overall A grade. Montana’s eighth-graders score among the nation’s best in both math (ranked 5th among the states) and reading proficiency (7th). Although the state is still average in terms of college graduation rates, the number of Montanans with four-year degrees is increasing (23rd in four years of college; 7th in change in four years of college). Access to higher education is well distributed (9th in degrees by gender; 5th in degrees by race). The Big Sky State also leads the nation in small business and microenterprise ownership rates, and female and minority entrepreneurs are contributing to this trend (1st in small business ownership, 1st in microenterprise ownership, 3rd in women’s business ownership rates, 1st in African-American business ownership rate, 9th in Hispanic business ownership rate). Unfortunately, Native Americans, a significant minority group in Montana, apparently are not benefitting from the state’s vibrant entrepreneurial economy (45th in American Indian/Native Alaskan business ownership rate).

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