2006 KNOWLEDGE WORKER QUOTIENT ™: College Towns Are at the Heart of the Knowledge Sector Economy. Bozeman, MT a good example

Our 4th annual Knowledge Worker Quotient compares all 362 MSAs for the ability to support the technology revolution in the United States.

For those companies whose competitive edge depends upon their being able to always remain on the cutting-edge of technology, being located in a place that is able to supply highly educated workers in sufficient quantity and quality is their No. 1 site location requirement.

It’s not simply a matter of personal preference. It’s a matter of survival.

That’s why, for knowledge-based companies desperate to find the educated workers they need to grow and prosper, it’s hard to beat a university town. No, not the quaint little New England or Midwestern village with a small liberal arts college, but rather those metro areas fortunate enough to be home to a major research university.

These cities and towns represent the Promised Land for technology companies. Examples abound.

By: Bill King, Chief Editor, and Michael Keating, Senior Research Editor

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Success Story from Bozeman, MT: Citing a shortage of qualified engineers in its home state of Connecticut, Sikorsky lands in Bozeman, Montana

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