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11 Tips for Creating a Killer Small Business Environment in Your Downtown

Main Street Livingston,Montana

As Clark pointed out in his recent post, Why We Celebrate Small Business Week, small-scale businesses can have an oversized impact on our local economies. They’re responsible for a majority of new job growth (with most of that growth attributed to new small businesses). And when those small businesses are located in a downtown, they contribute to the vibrancy, authenticity, and economic synergy that make downtowns the economic powerhouses what they are. (Yes, our downtowns greatly out-perform their suburban commercial counterparts like malls, strip malls, and big box areas economically. You can read more about that in our About Town report.)

So today, we’re going to talk about some of the things you can do to create a killer small business environment in your own community.


By: Bud Tymczyszyn

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