Montana Center for Horsemanship OF HORSE, HUMAN and NATURE Natural Horsemanship Conference September 9-11, 2021 Dillon, Montana

University of Montana Western Campus, Dillon 710 S. Atlantic St, Dillon, MT

Presented by the Montana Center for Horsemanship, co-presented by the University of Montana Western, features special guests Dr. Temple Grandin, renowned animal behavior scientist and Dr. Barbara Baker, DVM, President/CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquairum, the only zoological institution in the world incorporating natural horsemanship into wildlife management.

OLLI at Montana State University  “The State of the Bozeman and Gallatin County”  – 9/10 – 1:30 – Online

Online Webinar

Bozeman Deputy Mayor Terry Cunningham, Gallatin County Commissioner Scott MacFarlane and community planning specialist Randy Carpenter of Future West will provide insights, examples and recommendations for how the city of Bozeman and Gallatin County currently work together and could work together in the future to meet the needs of the rapidly growing communities.  

Doing Business with the States of MN, ND & SD – 9/14 – Zoom

Online Webinar

This workshop will provide an overview and details about contracting with the states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota. Topics to be covered include an overview of each state’s purchasing practices, where the dollars come from, how the dollars can be spent, how to get registered as a vendor, where to find business opportunities, and what the state expects of its contractors.