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May 2018

Friday, May 25
Potluck Of The Minds - Ignite Format - Presentations Of 20 Slides In 5 Minutes - 5/25 - Missoula
6:00 PM
ZooTown Brew Downstairs

ZooTown Brew

121 W Broadway St Missoula, MT

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

How to find us

We rented out the basement, go into the building and down the stairs

We all have passions and ideas and those things are amazing. Sometimes they are brought to life by keeping them to ourselves and sometimes they are brought to life by sharing them with others. This is a time for sharing. Sharing ideas and food and having a beer or two. This time around we are meeting in the basement of Zootown Brew. Make good food, bring good food, share good thoughts.

We are still a programming community, but it's time to invite people in.

Do you or your friends like to cook, paint, draw, finance, lawyer or anything else? Stop on by, invite them along. All topics are welcome and encouraged. The diversity of topics drives the conversation. Tech is fun, but without things to tech about we techies would not be teching very much...

Based on user feedback from the last event, we've found a slightly larger space and we have refined the details of the talks a little bit. This time we will follow a stricter guideline on talks and keep to a 5 minute limit, each talk will have 20 slides attached and the slides will advance every 15 seconds. Your slides need to be submitted a week before, 5/18 so that they can be conglomerated into one presentation to minimize switching time. Efficiency or something...

Does this format scare you a bit? Don't worry we are scared too. Feel free to reach out to the community for practice or help.

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