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June 2018

Tuesday, June 26
Resources For Economic Revitalization Workshop - 6/26-27 - Lewistown, MT
9:30 AM
Public Library Meeting Room
Hello, Community Leaders, Planners, and Economic Development Stakeholders!

I wanted to let you all know about a brownfields workshop being co-hosted by the Snowy Mountain Development Corporation, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), and the Technical Assistance to Brownfields Program (TAB) at Kansas State University.

Have a Redevelopment Project? Want to Showcase Your Site to a Panel of Experts? Submit Your Site Today!!!

TAB is asking you to submit a site description application form for review prior to the workshop. This will be used to brief our panel on your site specific issues which may be impeding redevelopment. Please fill in the form as completely as possible, although it is not necessary to complete every section if the information is not known or unavailable.

Attendees will be assigned a specific time to present to the panel and plenty of time will be allowed for addressing site-specific issues and strategies. Please include pictures in your presentation as that will help the panel understand better. The panel will consist of MDEQ staff, a national brownfield developer, and others versed in community redevelopment strategies. The end result from the panel will be a comprehensive strategy for redevelopment tailored to your community needs.

June 26 - First Day Topics: "Expert Strategies for Redevelopment" 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM Mountain

TAB will give a brief overview of the brownfield process and MDEQ will update the audience on Montana brownfields topics. This will be followed by the attendees' presentations (about 30 minutes each) on their specific site(s) to a panel of experts. The day will conclude with a visit to two local brownfields.

June 27 - Second Day Topics: "TBD" 8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Mountain

Based on demand, we are reserving time to continue with additional presentations from other Montana communities, a Question & Answer session will conclude the workshop. Registration-Important, Please Read!

Registration and submission of the site description application form to is required by May 1st for anyone presenting a specific redevelopment project. If you are attending the workshop but not presenting a site then an application is not necessary, but please register by June 19. A box lunch will be served on June 26 with a $15 payment to Snowy Mountain Development on the day of the workshop. To register and for a copy of the application form, please go to the workshop webpage at (Note: this is a reschedule of the event previously planned for April.)

If you need assistance with your registration, please contact Sheree Walsh,, 785-532-6519

For more information contact:

Karen Sweeney, Snowy Mountain Development,, (406) 535-2591

Mark Walker, KSU TAB,, (303) 902-1441

Blase Leven, KSU TAB,, (785) 532-0780

We hope to see you there!

This workshop made possible with funding provided by US EPA

A box lunch will be served on June 26 with a $15 payment to Snowy Mountain Development on the day of the workshop.

Please send any questions to:

Karen Sweeney, Snowy Mountain Development,, (406) 535-2591

Mark Walker, KSU TAB,, (303) 902-1441

Blase Leven, KSU TAB,, (785) 532-0780

Project Name(s)/Identifier(s):_

Please attach site pictures, a google aerial map of the property, and a tax map or location map. Fill out as much information below that is available to you so that our analysis and recommended potential resources for the project are more accurate. However, do not be concerned if some areas are left blank on your submittal.

Tax Map Parcel Numbers for site (if available)


Current Owner

Ownership status (e.g., abandoned, actively operated, publicly owned)

Brief Description of Past Use and approximate dates of last use (e.g., service station, dry cleaner, commercial use)

Do you have an end use and/or an end user for this property? If not, what is the desired outcome of the project (e.g. greenspace, business-ready etc)

Acreage of the site

Age, # and size of Existing Structures on-site

General Condition of structures and property (e.g. vacant or underutilized sites, structures with potential asbestos or lead-based paint issues)

If you do not own this site can you obtain access rights?

Are any of the site structures potentially eligible for state or federal historic tax credits?

Has a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment been conducted on this property? If known, please provide date of the report and who was the report written for (buyer or seller)?

Is this a Main Street or Downtown property?

What is the population of the community? Note if the parcel is located in an unincorporated area of the county and provide the county's population.

What is the household median income of the area where the property is located?

How time critical is the project?

Are there local development incentives that could be applied to this project development? Please list (e.g. expedited plan review, infrastructure assistance, other)

Is this project located in an area undergoing active revitalization, improvements? If so, please describe the activities (# of lots, new uses)

List attributes associated with the property or your community that supports your reuse plans and/or could attract developers. (e.g rail access, harbor access, existing infrastructure such as utilities for a property; lakefront city that attracts tourism for a community)

Any additional information you would like to provide?

What are your specific needs in requesting this consultation?

Contact Information of the person filling out this application





Please return your completed form by May 1, 2018 to:

Mark Walker-

Blase Leven-

Jason Seyler-

Jason Seyler

DEQ Brownfields Coordinator

Contact: Karen Sweeney, Snowy Mountain Development,, (406) 535-2591

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