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April 2018

Tuesday, April 3
Part Time Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp, 04/03, Online
6:30 AM
The Big Sky Code Academy Part Time Web Development Bootcamp is a 22 week immersive program designed to teach students both fundamentals of programming and modern web development methods/technologies. The purpose of the course is to provide the skills knowledge necessary for students to find employment as a junior web developer or start their own freelance web development business.

The course focuses on providing students with core programming concepts ranging from JavaScript primitive data-types to elementary data structures and algorithms within the context of building state-of-art web applications.

The course makes use of the Node JavaScript runtime environment in addition to ExpressJS, Mongoose, VueJS, and React libraries. Students will also use industry standard front-end technologies such as Flexbox CSS and Bootstrap to implement bespoke user interfaces designed using Sketch. Capitalizing on Big Sky Code Academy instructors' individual specialties, students may also encounter topics including intermediate algorithm design, API usage, object oriented programming theory, professional user-interface design and mockup, and more.

Students learn online in a real-time synchronous classroom environment. Classes start April 3rd. Learn more at

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