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July 2017

Tuesday, July 18
Webinar: "How Small Town Incubators Can Be Successful" - 7/18
9:00 AM
Starting July 2017, InBIA is excited to launch a newly designed webinar series to its members and the broader entrepreneurial support community. This new monthly webinar series will cover a variety of professional development topics including, but not limited to: how to more efficiently run your organization, maximize your resources, how to better serve your entrepreneurs through unique programming concepts, and other related topics. At the conclusion of each webinar, InBIA members will be invited to engage in further discussion inside of the "Exchange", InBIA's member-only online community platform that houses the latest industry resources and fosters global collaboration. Members will be able to access the webinar recording, presentation and other supplementary materials if applicable. Not an InBIA member and would like more information? Visit our membership page!

The first webinar, How Small Town Incubators Can Be Successful, covers a fascinating case study from a successful, replicable rural economic development program: the Technology Villages program. This program was designed to assist communities in various stages of development to create and operate centers, and the Technology Villages program completed a five-year pilot in South Carolina as a Clemson University initiative within the Institute of Community and Economic Development assisting five communities from representative economies across South Carolina. The pilot illustrated how low-cost incubators located in rural communities can successfully generate technology companies while sustaining program accelerator operational costs from public and private sources.

Webinar overview

The webinar will include a 20 - 25 minute presentation allowing for an estimated 20 minutes of robust Q & A. The webinar will be an overview of a rural incubator network that incorporated five small town or rural communities in South Carolina, and the presentation of the program will highlight:

Unique aspects of small town incubator philosophy and structure

Funding methods that could aid and assist in the development of similar oriented incubation programs

Lessons learned and key aspects of program success

The secret sauce to successful small town and rural incubation communities

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About The Host

Karl Kelly

/ CEO, Stirius Inc., Founder, Technology Villages program

Karl Kelly is creator of the Technology Villages program, a hybrid internet-consultant program designed to support new technology company formation and development in rural and non-metropolitan areas. The Technology Villages program supports approximately 40 new technology companies annually in five community centers across South Carolina. Technology Villages has served greater than 100 emerging and established companies in thirty years in biopharmaceuticals, energy, advanced materials, automotive, software, life sciences and medical devices.

Karl also enjoys over thirty-five years of experience in technology-company and entrepreneurial development, marketing, technology transfer and product commercialization working in senior leadership positions in both corporate and startup companies. Specific personal entrepreneurial experience includes life sciences and aquaculture veterinary therapeutics. Karl's international and domestic experience includes United States, Europe, Asia, Mexico, Caribbean, Australia and Canada.

To meet Karl and register for the webinar, click here!

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