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Missoula E-Waste Startup Crowdfunding Campaign

September 12, 2017View for printing

It's been a while since I've actually seen some of you but I thought you all might want to know about a new e-waste recycling Startup that just came onto the scene in Missoula Montana.

It's called Oreo's Refining and the owner, Shelly Mitchell, has an inspiring story you may want to hear. I am reaching out to you to please visit her crowdfunding page at "" and give it a like and a share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We've drafted an email below for you to share with your email friends. Feel free to even give a glance over and hear her story. She is a story of true inspiration and has loads of character. On top of that, she is a very dear friend.

Thanks for all of your support and I hope to be less of a stranger in the future.


Nate Hansen


Shelly Mitchell, owner and founder of Montana's ethical e-waste facility Oreo's Refining, needs your help. Today Shelly launches a GoFundMe campaign in support of her business: to process e-waste locally and benefit nearby communities with a portion of the proceeds donated to nieghborhood food banks.

America exports 70% of its electronic waste illegally - ending up in foreign countries to wreak havoc on their environment and communities. Little to no regulations govern the handling of e-waste in third-world countries; limited education in the processing of the hazardous materials with no means to manage the leftover toxins. The pollution causes cancers, neurological disorders, open lesions and a contaminated food and water source.

Oreo's Refining is a bootstrap start-up targeting 100% fossil-fuel-free recycling within ten years.

We believe in breaking down all electronics to bare bones locally, safely, and ethically.

Please click here to find out more and watch the video now.

Make a difference to Oreo's Refining and the planet today with these following three actions:

With a financial contribution to her GoFundMe campaign. Your support will help bring Shelly closer to purchasing the equipment she needs to transport e-waste and process it accordingly.

Contact Shelly through Oreo's Refining Facebook Page if you have e-waste ready to be recycled. Your support will mean more e-waste going being processed local and a penny per pound of the proceeds will be donated to a local food bank.

Through sharing her video launch post (or this email) to reach as many people who can help as possible. Your support will share the message of Oreo's Refining and reach potential new donors.

Oreo's Refining believes in the three P's of sustainability: planet, people and profit. Your help protects the planet from the release of harmful chemicals, people from toxic waste and helps build a business based on ethical profitability.

We appreciate your support, it means everything.

Have you wondered what's inside your cell phone? One cell phone leeches 19 out of 25 metals tested when submerged in water. These Toxic metals include: lead, boron and chromium. Watch our video to find out more.

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