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MATR Newsletter – June 13, 2022
The state with the best education wins!

The Western Land Rush

Today’s run on land out west is spreading not American power but five-star living dressed up as frontiersmanship. Welcome to the home of end-table antlers and Escalades.

Bozeman, Montana – ‘Zoom towns’ spike in popularity, but not everyone is on board

With so many American companies allowing employees to do their jobs remotely, there’s been a migration from major cities to smaller, more rural areas. Those who are moving love the lower cost of living, but how do the area’s longtime residents feel? NBC’s Maggie Vespa reports in this week’s Sunday Spotlight on “Zoom towns” that popped up over the pandemic.

The Damage That Tech Monopolies Do (Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook): Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses tech monopolies, and how to address the hidden harm they can do.

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  • GFDA’s Top 10

    Here is our Top 11 for this week celebrating work and successes to grow and strengthen the Great Falls regional economy — Montana’s Golden Triangle. And, sharing business resources and skill-building opportunities to empower your success.

The Telecommuting and Gig Workforce in Montana

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

  • Lake County, Montana crypto proposal needs more ‘due diligence’

    The number of permanent jobs created by these mining operations is questionable, too, as not many workers are typically needed to manage an autonomous data center. For example, a new 100 megawatt data center in Kentucky — twice the size of the Polson proposal — only created 15 jobs.


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21st Century Education Initiative – “You Should Care…”

2023 Montana Legislature and Politics

  • Montana adding red tape to those who need help with healthcare

    During the last session of the Legislature, Montana Republicans pushed forward legislation that requires Montanans to continuously prove their eligibility for Medicaid– every few months, you must report your income to the state government, despite the fact that you already told them when you signed up for Medicaid and you’re already required to reapply every year like everyone else with insurance does. Montana Democrats fought against these new requirements, but the Republicans were dead set on adding additional superfluous red tape to one of the state’s largest and most critical insurers.

Government News & Events

Government Technology

  • Let’s End Traffic Stops

    “Should NHTSA take into consideration systems, such as intelligent speed assist systems, which determine current speed limits and warn the driver or adjust the maximum traveling speed accordingly?” the agency asks tentatively, inviting feedback from the public.

Oregon Business

  • Oregon’s ambitious sustainable power plant

    An Oregon utility has constructed a renewable energy power plant that relies on wind, solar energy and batteries to power the grid when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.


Energy and Climate Change

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