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MATR Newsletter – July 6, 2022
The state with the best education wins!

Safe, Autonomous, Airborne: What Will Roads Look Like in 30 Years?

From electrified pavement that can charge vehicles and delivery robots that collect data to flying taxis, transportation experts sound off on what we can expect highways and byways to look like in 2050.

(I think they will be here sooner than that, especially if communities start planning for the end of “Carcatecture” today. – Russ)

Singapore’s Sky-High Car Prices Are Warning for Global Cities

Singapore media professional Ellie Lim gave up her plan to buy a new Volvo SUV to ferry her newborn baby when she realized it was going to cost her more than S$200,000 ($142,000). 

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Come Home Montana

  • The log cabin syndrome

    We thought we’d start our Labor Day getaway with a trip to Lewistown and a visit to the Bear Gulch pictographic site. Montana COVID numbers were low in August, so it took a while to process the discovery that site would nevertheless be closed; that viewing centuries-old Native American art at an outdoor site, 20 miles from town might still constitute a valid risk. And yet, there it was; irrefutable proof that, even in the heart of Montana’s Judith Basin country, we were dealing with a plague like no other.

  • NBC’s Today Show Puts Bozeman, Montana in the Spotlight

    In early June, The Today Show visited Bozeman and interviewed a woman that moved from Oakland, CA to Bozeman with her family during the pandemic. The video below highlights many of the perks that Bozeman has to offer for those wanting to escape city life.

  • Missoula, Montana man turns love for river surfing into business, one board at a time

    If you have ever walked through Cara’s Park and seen the Missoula summer staple — Brennan’s Wave — you have probably wondered “what, how, where do they get those boards?” Of course with the question of “how do they get up?”

  • When I knew I had made it home

    his is a story I’ve told many times before, or maybe I only think I have, because it’s so deeply written inside my blood and bones and skin. It is a kind of love story, because it is a story about looking and longing for home, and I believe all stories about seeking a home are, or ought to be, love stories.

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Montana Economic Development

  • Economists Don’t See Flyover Country and Whole Economy Pays the Price

    This major problem with the “experts” who run America’s economy has had real consequences. By now, it’s accepted wisdom that an early and urgent red flag from economists trusted by the fed and the Biden administration could have helped us avoid the inflation conflagration that now seems to be burning down the American economy, coast to coast.


  • How Rents May React to Rising Interest Rates

    “​​When we look at the price of renting versus the price of a mortgage [in the Bay Area] this is the largest divide we see across the country. It’s almost three times more expensive to pay for a mortgage than to rent, so we’ll likely see rent rise as a result,” Nicole Bachaud, an economist with Zillow, said.

Montana Business

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Developing Funding Opportunities in Montana

Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

Incubators and R&D

21st Century Education Initiative – “You Should Care…”

  • How 3D printing is changing education

    . When schools use technology to improve the quality and quantity of educational content, learners will thrive.

  • Missoula’s Turner Farms summer camp teaches kids value of agriculture

    The big theme behind camp is taking stuff from the garden and the field and turning it into food- teaching them the inner workings of agriculture.

    “Teaching kids lessons you really can’t learn in school or anywhere else,” said Turner. “And so it’s really rewarding for us to show that to kids in the community.”

Rural Communities

2023 Montana Legislature and Politics

  • Tax increases likely: City of Missoula fighting inflation, state’s ‘broken’ tax system

    The state’s current tax system may be the biggest outlier facing local governments across the state. The Legislature has consistently rejected a number of proposals that would help local government find additional revenue without relying solely on property taxes.

    The Legislature has killed a proposed tourist tax every session and it recently revoked the local option fuel tax passed by voters, which would have helped fund road maintenance and repairs.


  • How to leave a leadership legacy

    In connecting with, nurturing, and inspiring your people, you can generate a positive and long-lasting legacy far beyond your tenure.


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