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While all women trudge forward during this conflicting time, together-and-alone, I am in awe. They are holding together so many pieces with super glue, with screws and nails, with duct tape, or even with scotch tape… but they are holding it together. They are persevering. They are incredible.

I know women who own main street businesses who have made incredible pivots that saved their business. I know female founders who are looking to expand their current business. I know brave moms leaving their stable career to start something new. I know bold women in their 50s who are actively pursuing a new business. All while they hold their other pieces together. All while they fashion their own relationship with being together and alone.


By Morgan Slemberger


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Creating empowering environments where women say their ideas out loud

The Pursue Your Passions program builds educational, experimental and entrepreneurial programs for Montana women to create more equitable, prosperous and collaborative futures for all.

A Program Designed to Support Women

Pursue Your Passions (PYP) empowers women who aim to be leaders, business owners, executives, or nonprofit directors through virtual communities and courses.

If you’re looking to learn and connect with a community of like-minded, curious, driven women from across the state, you’ve come to the right place. Our courses will provide a foundation for you to start something with confidence, cultivate leadership skills that engage and inspire your team, and help you to accelerate your progress by tuning into opportunity.

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