University of Utah setting tech world on fire. 17 companies emerge from school research

The Salt Lake City area could see a boost in high-paying jobs in the coming months with the development of 17 new companies based on technology created at the University of Utah.

There is a potential to create more than 5,000 jobs in coming years through the new entities, says Brian Cummings, director of the school’s Technology Commercialization Office, which helps university inventors start companies.

By Brianna Lange
The Salt Lake Tribune

New technology companies developed

New Utah companies based on technology developed at the University of Utah:

Boulder Technology Development Labs utilizes an invention focused on exercise physiology and training.

Rescue Medical Systems Inc. will offer a CPR training device for the mass market.

ThermImage has a system designed to detect pediatric kidney infections that eliminates the need for painful catheters.

Osteoseek Inc. is developing drug-delivery systems targeted at bones.

Larada Inc. is working on a nonchemical application to kill head lice using a combination of heat and air flow.

ImageTechnologies Inc. is working on a method to detect carotenoid levels in the eye that may relate to the development of a host of ophthalmic diseases.

Central Logic Inc. is a software development company that is building a database to track medical records and scheduling at hospitals.

LV Partners is creating an investment fund to support research.

PowerMems is commercializing technology developed by scientists at the U. and other institutions that is focused on improving the power of thin film batteries.

ContraDyn Inc. was formed to commercialize a minimally invasive technology for image-guided cancer treatment.

Angry Duck Productions is marketing animation, graphics and video technology developed at the College of Fine Arts at the U., and is training and educating students in the School of Arts and Technology.

Cerebus Carbon Solutions LLC is focused on carbon dioxide-capture technologies that can be used to reduce the gas in the environment.

UGEN is marketing a breast cancer diagnostic method designed to match patients with appropriate drug treatments.

Navigen is focusing on the use of molecular genetic techniques to identify genes that predispose patients to retinal diseases.

BioFuels Development Corp. is working on clean-burning fuels.

State-of-RT is a graphic design company that creates designs from large data sets. The company creates applications for video games, photorealistic advertising and design.

N-Focus will offer a silicon-based micro-camera for use in cell phones and digital cameras.

Source: University of Utah

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