Who’s on The Road to Montana’s Flathead Valley?

Kalispell Chamber of Commerce

“When the rumors started, we heard 3,000 people. Then 3,000 became 9,000. And 9,000 became 12,000,” said Joe Unterreiner, executive director of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce. “Most recently someone wanted me to confirm that 30,000 people have moved to the Flathead Valley in the past six months. That’s more than twice the amount of growth we’ve had in the past decade occurring in six months. I don’t have the data to refute it, but that seems pretty impossible to me. That would be a growth rate of 3% for every month of 2020. That’s impossible.”

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The Kalispell Chamber of Commerce is the longest-standing and leading advocate for the Flathead Valley community and business climate.

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