The Montana Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Quality Council MIGHT soon analyze climate impacts from energy projects in order to uphold Montanans’ constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment


MEPA is a statute passed by Montana lawmakers in 1971 to ensure the legislature is fully considering the environmental impacts of state actions, and is passing laws that uphold the Montana Constitution’s protections of a clean and healthful environment and that the public is informed of them.

The work group’s task is to review how, and if, MEPA should be updated to clarify its role in both protecting the environment and permitting decisions, as well as to try to kickstart methods by which the DEQ can analyze greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts from projects while the Held v. Montana appeal is decided by the Montana Supreme Court this summer.



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Montana Supreme Court schedules oral arguments for July 10 in youth climate case -City Club Missoula Presents: Held vs. Montana: Contemporary Issues and the Montana Constitution – June 10

A lower court ruled in favor of the young people last August, saying Montana’s constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment includes addressing climate change. The Supreme Court’s decision will be the final outcome of this case since it is predicated on the state constitution.

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