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Montanans take their beer seriously, and in recent years, this passion has resulted in a crop of outstanding craft breweries.

Montana has 23 breweries, which might not sound like a lot, but enough to rank Montana third in terms breweries per capita behind Oregon and Vermont. Our research indicates that many people traveling to Montana as well as residents traveling within the state plan to visit brewery tasting rooms during their trip, so we’ve added this section to our website to make it easier.

A few travelers might come just for the beer, but most visitors from other states and countries come here to see the Montana they’ve heard about and part of that experience is sampling the local microbrew. So, as much as possible, the suggested routes on this website will take travelers off the freeway to combine seeing the scenic and historic treasures of Montana with the local color of the taprooms tucked away on side streets and in warehouse districts.

These are only suggested routes. In most cases, you’ll want to adapt to your specific travel plans and interests with new starting points, change of directions, etc. And be aware of Montana’s unique brewery laws. Taprooms can’t sell beer after 8 pm. Some stay open longer, but others do not, so check the sidebar information with each brewery for taproom hours and plan your trip accordingly.

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