Montana’s Big Sky is a year-round playground

In the southern Montana region known as Big Sky, the sky, curiously, is much smaller — and that’s a good thing. Montana’s version of Big Sky is a wild and stirring pocket of mountains, pines, wildlife and recreation that comes in many forms. In winter, that’s principally skiing on peaks with so much acreage and elevation that the town has trademarked the slogan, "biggest skiing in America."

In summer and early fall, Big Sky recreation becomes an even broader palette of adventure: hiking, hunting, mountain-biking, zip-lining, fly-fishing, horseback-riding, rafting and golfing among them. Tucked between Yellowstone and the handsome brick town of Bozeman, Big Sky is about clean air, active spirit and embracing the West. It’s just not about big sky. Too many peaks and pines for that.

By Josh Noel

Chicago Tribune

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