Montana’s 2020 election – The Montana Free Press guide


Montana voters will have a consequential ballot to ponder in 2020, packed with decisions about the U.S. presidential election, two of the three seats in Montana’s federal delegation, and five statewide offices, including governor.

That’s a lot to keep track of, especially with national media outlets focused on who will win control of the White House. This guide is our attempt to help, particularly with the down-ballot races that don’t necessarily receive wall-to-wall coverage.

Some dates to keep in mind: Montana’s primary elections are set for June 2, 2020. The winning candidate from each political party will then move on to the general election, set for Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

We’ll update and expand this guide over the coming months as we interview candidates, track campaign spending, and watch aspirants make their case for how they plan to serve the state. We welcome your feedback about what information you’d find most helpful to see here — you can reach us by email at [email protected].

By Eric Dietrich, Montana Free Press

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