Montana Economic Developers Association(MEDA) Launches Website Feature To Help You Find Economic Development Experts So You Can Benefit From Their Expertise

Montana Economic Developers Association(MEDA) just unveiled a new feature on its website.

MEDA is an association of over 240 economic development professionals, business specialists, government employees and staff members of affiliated non-profit organizations which promote and foster economic development activities in Montana.

A clickable graphic titled “Find Other Members” is available for use by business owners, agencies, public entities and those involved in community and economic development. The searchable database, designed by VauthierFerguson Design makes it easy for visitors to the site to find an economic developer by name or by region. In addition, if a visitor is looking for a particular area of expertise, such as on managing a Revolving Loan Fund or Business Expansion and Retention, names will appear that have indicated expertise in those areas.

According to MEDA’s Coordinator, Gloria O’Rourke, “One of the greatest benefits of MEDA is networking. This web tool will help strengthen our network and broaden our scope of services at the same time.” If you have questions regarding the database or would like to find out more about joining MEDA, please contact Gloria.

Gloria O’Rourke

Montana Economic Development Services

118 E. Seventh St.; Suite 2A

Anaconda, MT 59711

Ph: 406.563.5259 MEDA, ACF, MEDS

Ph: 406.563.5353 MT Ambassadors

Fx: 406.563.5476

email: [email protected]

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