MAPS entrepreneurial class opens on-line store

Students at MAPS Media Institute have launched their own on-line jewelry store on their website. Go to and click on the "STORE" button at the top of the page.

The institute has offered free after-school classes in design, filmmaking, music and technology since it was founded by Peter Rosten in 2004. From the beginning MAPS has offered classes that combined education with the real world of business and students have produced commercials, public service announcements and documentaries for paying clients, the money going back into the institute to help keep the classes free for participating students. Then last year about this time, at the urging of students, an Entrepreneurial Class was added to the mix.
The aim of the Entrepreneurial Class, according to MAPS Program Director Clare Ann Harff, was to specifically focus on the development of business skills related to the various arts being taught in the other classes. It is geared toward helping the students identify their interests, recognize their individual skills and learn how to turn these into 21st century career paths.

"The students made it clear that they did not want academic and abstract training in constructing business plans and such things," said Harff. "They wanted hands-on training. They wanted to actually work on starting a business."

By Michael Howell

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