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How Does Your State Make Electricity?

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Overall, fossil fuels still dominate electricity generation in the United States. But the shift from coal to natural gas has helped to lower carbon dioxide emissions and other pollution. Last year, coal was the main source of electricity generation for 18 states, down from 32 states in 2001.

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An investment of more than $1 billion has allowed NorthWestern Energy to provide more than 60% of its energy from renewable resources, helping it lead the way to a brighter future in Montana.

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  1. Russ Fletcher on December 24, 2018 at 10:52 am

    Just talked with Northwestern Energy CEO Bob Rowe. Rob said:

    “AT NWE, our portfolio is hydro-based, with hydro upgrade opportunities. Wind is now becoming our largest resource by nameplate. Our need is for sustained, dispatchable capacity resources.

    In addition to our retail customers, we provide transmission to the industrials (who purchase at market, mainly coal), and to the rural cooperatives. And finally, historically much power has been exported, as noted in the EIA report.

    In addition to our hydro resources, Avista and the S&K Tribes have dams, and there are significant federal hydro assets. An interesting footnote is that much of the headwaters for the Columbia system is in Montana.

    These relationships are all changing, in some cases quickly. Industrial customers may become energy importers over time.

    Have a great holiday!”

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