Happy Birthday! – 8 Years Since the Corporate Birth of Missoula, Montana’s Submittable


Here’s a photo from 8 years ago today, signing a set of corporate docs on the Fitzgerald Board Room Table. His two kids were the witnesses. And Glenn brought along a copy of a Tin-Tin comic which we all put our hands on as we signed the papers…

A decade ago Michael Fitzgerald applied for a coding job at RemoteScan (“…think of the cash in Breaking Bad, but all legal and no one dies…”  A short story about one of Montana’s most successful startups.) We tried to hire him, but he said he could only work part time because he and two friends were busy working on a project. We asked him then if instead of a job, could we offer him a bit of investment cash so he could focus on his project full time. I didn’t expect to become his friend, because, really, friends are rare. As are exceptional companies. Fitzgerald and Submittable are two rare exceptions in this roiling sea of fools and deceivers.

Steve Saroff


Cynical & Jaded

“Cynical and Jaded” is the name for a partnership between Steve Saroff and Glenn Kreisel — two software entrepreneurs who boot-strapped and then sold two of their own software companies (FreeMail, Inc., and RemoteScan Corporation), and are now involved with several other start ups.

We are interested in investing or being involved with other promising projects, however we are only interested in projects that are beyond the “idea” phase. This means that your project must currently be generating revenue, or have a significant public presence (users, followers, press, etc.).

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  1. Russ Fletcher on May 28, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    An amazing chapter in Missoula’s entrepreneurial history. Michael has excelled beyond belief but the way was paved by Steve and Glenn. BTW – Remote Scan is another great success story.

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