Friendliness won Utah new Encover operation – Encover Inc. president ‘taken aback’ by the nice people he found

Encover Inc. has nestled some of its operations in Utah despite its top executive earlier this year feeling like he was in the "Twilight Zone."

Chip Overstreet, the California-based company’s president and chief executive officer, on Thursday described being taken aback by the friendliness of Utahns he met in January and how that helped lead his company to put 40-plus employees in Sandy.

A fellow at a car rental counter extended his hand and welcomed Overstreet to Salt Lake City. "I shook his hand and I thought, ‘You know, that is pretty unique.’ I do a lot of traveling, I rent a lot of cars and I’ve never had that experience before. That was an interesting insight," Overstreet said at the Sandy operation’s grand opening.

Another fellow at the rental-car company did likewise. "At this point, I’m thinking ‘Twilight Zone,’ " Overstreet said.

Shortly thereafter, the second man suggested Overstreet buy insurance for his visit. That caught his attention because Encover sells service contracts and maintenance agreements on behalf of high-tech manufacturers including Xerox, Motorola, Kodak, Sonicwall and Corda.

"I’m thinking, ‘Not only are these guys friendly, but they know how to sell. This is a good first impression,’ " Overstreet recalled.

By Brice Wallace
Deseret Morning News

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