Former Intel CEO Craig Barrett is keynote speaker for Wheeler Economic Conference

Former Intel CEO Craig Barrett says we need to use innovation and stop investing in 20th century jobs, if we are to recover from the latest economic recession.

Barrett spoke Monday at the Wheeler Conference held in Bozeman. The purpose of the conference is to address the state of the Montana economy. Barrett believes that time and money should be spent focusing on the future of technology and education creating 21st century jobs.

"First and foremost, Montana has to do an extensive job educating its young people. There’s some good universities here but they could be great research universities. Sources of wealth creation, more research dollars, more spinning off of ideas, companies, wealth creation into the country. So Montana really has to focus on these two areas I think if they are going to be successful," Craig Barrett said.

By Adam Bell

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The Wheeler Center – "The ‘Next’ Economy: A Public Discussion On Jobs And Innovation", 4/5-6, Bozeman, Montana

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