Congratulations to Montana Jobs Net from Commodity Software International


Julie Foster

Montana Jobs Network

180 S. 2nd

Hamilton, MT 59840

i n t e r n a t i o n a l, i n c. ™

July 22, 2002

I wish to take this time to express Commodity Software International Inc.’s appreciation for Montana Jobs Network’s ongoing support of our recruitment and promotional needs. Over the past year and a half Montana Jobs Network has consistently sent us skilled professionals seeking jobs in Montana. This organization has consistently been able to develop a talented pool of candidates that we are able to tap into as our growth demands govern. Montana Jobs Network has offered us a portal whereby qualified job seekers in the hi-tech industry can find us from anywhere in the world.

Our state of Montana, has met many challenges in its ability to supply hi-tech personnel to our growing technology sector. It is private sector company’s, such as Montana Jobs Network, that have risen to this occasion. Montana Jobs Network consistently attracts qualified candidates and enables them to realize that they can have both a quality lifestyle and can also live in an area that can pay them a sustainable wage.

Commodity Software International Inc. stands together with Montana Jobs Network and supports the ongoing progress being made to network technology-based companies within our states borders. Montana Jobs Network also supplies the crucial link to many that wish to return to Montana or just wish to develop successful businesses here.

Montana Jobs Network, under the leadership of Julie Foster, is a valuable resource for Montana. Commodity Software International Inc. looks forward to a long-term and successful relationship as Montana Jobs Network develops as a core hi-tech resource in the future.


Amy James
Director of Operations
Commodity Software International Inc.


VICTOR, MT 59875

PHONE 406.961.5111

FAX 406.961.4814


(Congratulations to Julie and her efforts at Montana Jobs Net. Do you know of alumni or expats who could benefit from MJN? Is your company taking advantage of this great resource for Montana Economic Development? Spread the word.

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